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Looking for a beautiful open minded female to help bring me back to ones self lonley lost a bit doesn't seem like there's much for options in Mackenzie so I'm putting it out there looking for beautiful female who's out going looking to (um fufill needs in aspects of finding happiness and enjoying what I use to be like before I wanted to go mountain man on this life seemed like a good idea at the time open to a week or two to get to know a guy I was lost for quest for the treasures. found them but time to come back to people reality three years turning rocks holders creeks rivers seen a lot learned a lot but I'm missing people the part witch makes us feel whole when we say we're happy if your willing to come the distance to spend some time with me to really get back to enjoying moments we have left three years I feel like I've become numb and I don't believe that to be the end of emotion for me if your a this time with me will be very rewarding if your a open minded outgoing individual for example bad people hide secrets good people quietly share them with safe individuals really would like to meet someone of a few to a crew who knows what this message is going to bring future days I'm hopping for good results talk to you soon and would be wonderful to meet. You really not into dating sites thanks anyways I'm old fashion if you can't make a phone call your not worth my time simple easy the sense we have when we approach someone is what makes us human
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