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I am a life coach currently operating out of Vancouver Canada. I am currently searching for new potential clients with the aim of creating 4-5 new coaching agreements for my practice. I work exclusively through zoom video chat, giving you the flexibility and freedom to take sessions from any location and minimizing lost time through transit. This also allows for me to connect with clients all over the world, selecting those with whom I gauge the strongest connection and for whom I believe I can make the biggest impact.

Should you be interested then we would coordinate a quick phone call to cover over any questions you may have and to find a suitable time for a consultation session. This will allow for us both to get a sense as to if this relationship will be a suitable fit.


I work with clients who are looking to achieve personal growth and gain self-awareness through deep coaching. This process identifies and focus's in on your true goals, locking in their emotional significance to you. We then work collaboratively to create action plans, which allow you to move with full intent towards these goals.
I look to utilize a holistic approach, through discussion and demonstration of how various aspects of health, wellness and self-care, can work together as force multipliers for your efforts.

I believe happiness and fulfillment is something we all deserve; and with the right support and strategies, can achieve. When we take the time to work on managing our values, expectations and efforts, in a way that allows us to close the gap between what we have and what we feel we need.

I focus on working with clients who are committed to making the changes required to improve their lives; and who are looking for support and direction in their journey to do so. Whether you are just starting out, or are well on the way to reaching your goals; I aim to help you realize your full potential and help balance the stresses that come as a part of making major life changes, with a task and goal focused approach.

If you feel that you would fulfill this description and you have the desire and will to work on attaining a life of your design, please reply WITH A CONTACT NUMBER and your availability for a 15-minute call.

Thank you and I look forward to working with some of you soon.
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